Indication of Diabetes

Triad that is classic about diabetes symptom is polyuria (urination which often), polydipsia (thirst improved and dilution input as effect improved) and polyphagia (appetite improved). This symptom develops may be really fasting set printed by 1, particularly in children (month or week) but subtle possible or completely absence & & dash; as does develops far more slowly & dash; set printed 2. Set printed 1 over there may also become loss weight (beside normal or improved eats) and irreducible fatigue. This symptom may also transform set printed by 2 diabetes in whose diabetes patient is adversely is controlled. Symptom initially relates to effect directly from high blood sugar rate. If blood sugar rate until to 160-180 mg/dL, so glucose would up to visical urenaria. If the rate is higher again, kidney will pass addition to thin a large amount of losing glucose. Because kidney yields visical urenaria in number abundant, hence patient often to in number which many (poliuri).

Effect poliuri hence patient feels starving for abundant so that many drinking (polidipsi). A large amount of calorie loses into visical urenaria, patient experiences degradation of body weight. Compensation this thing patient to often feels remarkable peckish so that many eating (polifagi).

Other symptom is dull opinion, confused, queasy and the lessen of resilience during doing sport. Patient diabetes which unproperly is controlled more sensitively to infection.

For want of insulin that is weight, hence before experiencing therapy of patient diabetes type I approximant always experiences degradation of body weight. Most of patient diabetes type II doesn't experience degradation of body weight.

At patient diabetes type I, the symptom arises suddenly and can grow swiftly into a situation of so-called with ketoacidosis diabetikum. Sugar rate in blood is height but because most of cell cannot apply sugar without insulin, hence this cells takes energy from other source. Adipose cell broken and yields ketone, which is poisonous chemistry compound of which able to cause blood to become acid (ketoacidosis). Initial symptom from ketoacidosis diabetikum is feeling is thirsty and to abundant, nausea, vomit, tired and stomach pain in bone (especially at children). Exhalation becomes in and quickly because body tries to improve blood acidity. Patient breath is kissed by like acetone. Without therapy, ketoacidosis diabetikum can round into comma, sometime during only a few hour.

Even after strarting experiences insulin therapy, patient diabetes type I can be experience ketoacidosis if they to overcome once inoculation of insulin or experiences stres as result of infection, accident or disease which serious.

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